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Pyoginam was born in the year 1992 and today it stands a mature organisation, but we're still a young company at heart. Never a day goes by that we don't strive to improve ourselves and the way we do business. All of this is due to our outstanding associates, so much so that, for us, a good associate means a chance to succeed and exceed to our full potential.

---------- Fabric Suppliers ----------

We have our own Office in Delhi for the procurement of Grey fabrics, and we have a printing and fabric-processing unit, our sister concern in Ahmedabad. We share a strong association with other fabric suppliers in Ahmedabad, Surat, Mumbai, Erode, Salem and other textile centers.

---------- Garment Consultants ----------

The organisation took a bold step and arranged for a comprehensive training program for the entire factory with the garment consultant. Today, the program is in continuation and everyday we are experiencing a constant growth in our learning and we are ready to accept changes with an open mind.

---------- System Consultants ----------

Our proactive approach towards setting up of systems led us to go for ISO 9001-2000 certification. We worked in tandem with the system consultants and imbibed the spirit of ISO in paper and in spirit. It took us
about a year and finally we received the ISO certification. It has become a way of life and we are looking forward to further tie-ups with experts and consultants to qualify for other American and European quality standards.

---------- Technical Tie-ups ----------

We are in constant touch with most of the machine suppliers like BROTHER, JUKI, etc. who have been proactively apprising us of the latest machinery, attachments and production technology. We have a comprehensive maintenance contract with the machine suppliers, which ensures routine servicing of the machines thereby getting optimum output from the machines.

---------- Testing Laboratories ----------

We have an arrangement with accredited labs like ITS and SGS to take care of comprehensive quality tests through out production.

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