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Pyoginam is "ordinary people joined together to accomplish extraordinary things".

At Pyoginam, we recognize that the training of work force today has a profound impact on the vitality of our organisation tomorrow. It is with this in mind that we have been investing on training through experts and consultants.

We believe that success requires both an environment where people are respected and valued, along with a talented workforce. Our culture fosters a creative environment that enables people of different backgrounds and abilities to succeed which tantamount to the continued success and growth of the company.

The organisation is committed to establish initiatives in the following areas:

To ensure a workplace that is diverse and provides opportunities for growth and development.
To recruit without any discrimination whatsoever along with subsequent training for Future Workforce Development.
To provide opportunities for advanced training to deserving managers, supervisors and the staff.
Managers and supervisors shall recruit, hire, train and promote in all job positions without discrimination.
To provide many opportunities to the work force to raise issues and to seek support through our Open Door Policy.

In addition, the organisation is committed to provide training on working with people, leadership skills and other managerial aspects.

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