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Pyoginam has two factories situated in Haryana having a working area of a hundred thousand sq. ft. One factory is situated at 666, Udyog Vihar, Phase V, Gurgaon and has a 20000 sq. ft working area and the other factory is at 268, IMT, Sector 7, Manesar with an approximate area of 80000 sq. ft., where all the sophisticated in-house support facilities have been installed. With the two factories having 1200 machines, we have a production capacity of about three hundred and fifty thousand garments per months. 

The factories are interconnected through a common EPABX system, CCTV and VPN to have better communication and control. The vertical integration of facilities is based on our standardized quality policy to meet the predefined standards at every stage of manufacturing. The fabric-to-garment integration enables production planning and execution as per schedule.

Garmenting is executed at our factory with a work force of more than 1800 people, which includes the core team of managers, supervisors, quality controllers, pattern masters, cutting masters and tailors. The entire factory complex is air-cooled and hence provides a conducive work atmosphere. The work floors are ergonomically designed with proper light, spacing and amenities for the workers. In addition, the team has parallel interface with the in-house laboratory.

Professional management and communication systems track the manufacturing process to minute details. Fully networked management through computers and rigorous inter-department documentation (as per ISO 9001 norms) reinforces the quality control measures at every stage of production.

Salient features:

Experienced and qualified work force trained in team culture. Work groups are created with a specified task to achieve perfection and increased productivity.
Quality sewing machines imported from renowned manufacturers.
Steam irons with vacuum tables and stain removing stations.
Washing plant with a capacity of app. 5000 garments per day.

Special machinery and equipment to finish contemporary quality garments are available and are updated regularly. The sophisticated machinery includes more than 1200 machines comprising a wide spectrum of stitching machines for Lock Stitch, Overlock, elastic insertion, fusing, placketing, gathering, flatlock and buttoning. There are Eastman’s Straight Knife Cutting Machines for fabric cutting and we have 6-meter long cutting tables for efficient cutting.

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