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------- Ladies Wear -------
¤ Blouses
¤ Skirts
¤ Dresses
¤ Casual Pants
¤ Embroidery & Sequins


Driven by fresh ideas and excellence in garment technology, the organization has established the manufacturing and marketing agreements with elite names in the international markets of Europe and U.K. The organisation is currently strategizing to expand its market to other majors like USA, Australia and South East Asia.

The distinctive genre of garments, for women, manufactured by Pyoginam, covers blouses, skirts, dressescasual pants  using cotton, linen, polyester, viscose and their various blends and textures/weaves from mill-made to handloom sector.

We produce Blouses, Skirts, Dress and Casual Pants for women; and garments for children. We use cotton, linen, polyester, viscose and their various blends and texture/weaves from mill made to handloom sector.

Fabric is the major component of a garment and we have a formidable position in the fabric market. Our direction has a long standing and deep rooted presence in the fabric market for well over two decades. It is this vital advantage, which enables us to offer very competitive prices and short lead times without compromising on the quality. At any given point of time, we have the latest range of fabrics, textures, prints and weaves to offer to our customers.

Our competent work force for stitching as well as for value additions like embroidery, hand-work, sequin work etc. help us to keep our customers ahead in the ever changing market of fashions.

A customized integrated computer software system has been incorporated for easy connectivity and transparent information sharing.