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The company has been constantly spurred towards higher goals by the directors, chartered accountants, the professionals from NIFT, army personnel and other allied backgrounds. Their mission is to aim towards enhancing customer satisfaction by means of supplying quality goods on time. It may be worthwhile to note here that in all our efforts, our associates have left no stone unturned to keep our spirits high and our performance formidable.

Pyoginam also possesses a highly efficient communication system, which enables it to interact with its clients spread around the world efficiently and effectively.


At PYOGINAM, we believe, our values are the key to our success. They are the foundation of our company, define us and set us apart from the competition. They form the basis of our vision of the future, our business strategies and our actions.

Three core values are at the heart of PYOGINAM: Integrity, Empathy and Quality. As we look at our history, we see how these three values are linked together and how they work together and are source of our success.


Ethical conduct and social responsibility characterize our way of doing business. We have the willingness to do the right thing for our employees, even in the face of professional risks and commercial pressures. The principle of responsible commercial success is inherent to the organisation and it continues to anchor our beliefs and behaviors today.


Listening..... paying close attention to the world around us ... understanding, appreciating and meeting the needs of the customers we serve and most importantly those who help us serve our customers, including the staff and the entire workforce. We enthusiastically embrace the ideas and bring it to life. We listen. We innovate. We respond.

The ethnic, cultural and lifestyle diversity is valued at PYOGINAM. In fact, we depend and draw upon the varying backgrounds, knowledge, points of view and talents of our workforce. We also believe in giving back to the people who have worked with us, championed our cause and contributed to our commercial success.


The organisation aims to achieve higher standards in work, products and production practices. Our products are guaranteed to perform. We make them that way. But quality goes beyond products: We put quality in everything we do.

Pyoginam believes in continuous research and development and works on new concepts and styles to offer the best marketing support to its customers across the world. Pyoginam is also unique in having a clearly defined and standardized quality policy and management systems. Today, Pyoginam is one among very few who can offer a very wide range of value added garments including embroideries, handwork, knot work, etc.

At the same time we continue to retain our strengths in the product range that laid the foundations of our company – the regular 100% polyester, viscose, cotton and their blends for Ladies wear.

Our commitment to deadlines and competitive price has earned us enormous reputation and we intend to retain and improve the trust by offering world-class garments to our customers ensuring superior returns for them.


to sustain responsible commercial success through customer satisfaction and well being of our ‘People’.

‘to manufacture quality garments as per customer specifications through employee participation and making continual improvement in the operating systems

We are a part of the ISO 9001:2000 family and this can be largely attributed to our tireless efforts towards "quality management".

In other words, our stress on Customer Satisfaction led to Qualitative products and efficient Operational systems, and more precisely resulted in:

Producing goods as per the specifications of the buyers;
Efficient and smooth production process to achieve delivery deadlines;
Encouragement and motivation to employees to contribute their best.

The policy in word and spirit was implemented through the following measures:

By scrupulous adherence to the model for quality assurance set out for various products as per customer requirements;

By recruiting skilled labour best suited to the jobs; upgrading and refining the skills of multiple levels of employees through awareness workshops, refresher courses, short and medium term training modules; and by hiring professionals on roll or by way of consultancy to streamline, improve and upgrade the process and systems.

By employing technologically advanced machines; by ensuring thoroughly systematized assembly line; by establishing close and constant touch with intermediaries that are doing ancillary work like dyeing, printing etc. to provide worker friendly operating environment and to provide amenities to workers like canteen, organisation sponsored holidays.

Research and Development is an integral part of the work process in Pyoginam. We initiate our quest for excellence from the product development stage. Our quality time and money are employed to realize better values in terms of overall appearance, quality and utility for the end user. New ideas and concepts juxtaposed with latest technology result in immeasurable returns to our customers who find themselves better placed in their markets with our new products. We believe, ‘if our customer profits, we profit’ and this has been the base of our long and strong relationships with our customers.

To start with, our sampling is one of the highly competent departments in our company with qualified pattern makers and well-trained tailors.

Sampling also indulges in research and development work in terms of garment construction and quality product. Moreover, our frequent visits to the European Markets (for Fashion Forecasting and fabric variety in vogue) helps us work in the right direction and create what is relevant to the customer’s market.

We have employed the services of a well qualified UK trained consultant who has played an active role in product development as well as production streamlining. Our openness towards hiring the services of qualified consultant paid off well.It assisted in fit samples,correcting, amending patterns as required, training pattern cutters and factory employees to change method of manufacture to production friendly. Moreover the technical know how has also helped us to constantly innovate to ensure that we can meet the customer’s product standards. The organisation has comprehensively utilised his technical know-how.

Close tab is kept on fit, consistency in appearance of the garment and delivery. The reasons being

Reduced number of rejected fit samples implies saving of approximately one week.
If fit samples are made in production friendly method, it saves another 15-20% of the production time with the garment having better appearance, balance and finish.

We have actually put in practice the various inputs received. Our current standing in Product Engineering: before starting any production, our garment engineering department prepares a pre-production list wherein we decide what attachments and machines are to be used to achieve consistent quality and this enables us to meet all our deadlines. The operations breakdown for each style are documented and verified/acknowledged by all the senior personnel who are directly related with production.

Our mantra for expansion - to invest not only in advanced but also in correct machinery. This ascertains consistent quality levels and helps reduce overall lead-time.

‘all workplaces should be managed in such a manner that basic human rights are supported and that management is prepared to accept accountability for this’…. Spirit of SA 8000.

The company is fully geared for the SA 8000 certification as our social policy incorporates the SA 8000 norms, which are adhered to, for the welfare, social needs, environment, health and safety of the workers and we duly comply with the working time as prevalent within the framework of the legal regulations in our country.
We do not engage or encourage the use of child labour.
There is no discrimination whatsoever in employment, compensation, promotion or retirement. Professionalism and merit are the only criteria.
Only willing workers are employed in the company. No one at any time is forced to work against his/her wishes.
The employees are paid their due wages timely and they are issued detailed pay slips. No one is paid below the minimum wages specified by state government.
The company has air-conditioners and proper ventilations to maintain a conducive working condition.
We adhere to proper health and safety measures. First-aid trained staff is deputed on all floors.
The social needs of all workers is well looked after by providing them with the following facilities:
Adequate toilets and washrooms are provided on each floor, which are kept hygienic round the clock.
Drinking water provided to the workers is purified and through water coolers on each and every floor.
Canteen is provided to the workers for their rest and for having their meals. Snacks are available in the canteen for workers at no profit basis.
We have our Doctors who come on a weekly basis for routine checkups for all staff-members.
Fire hydrant with 20,000-litre water and 38 CEASE FIRE extinguishers are installed as a safeguard against fire. Free exits, regular evacuation drills and fire fighting training help in combating any disaster.

The company is totally committed to look after the social needs of all its employees and their health and safety.

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