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………to manufacture quality garments as per customer specifications through employee participation and making continual improvement in the operating systems………

We are committed towards quality by:

ISO 9001:2000 (Quality Management Systems)

Quality speaks volumes about the manufacturer and the product. In today’s stiff competition, ‘he who delights the customer shall win’. Having said that, it is only a good quality product at the right place, right time and right price, which can help achieve customer’s delight and subsequently win more customers. Quality First Quantity Must has always been a watchword in all of our processes.

We are committed towards quality by:

Analysing and reacting to the customers' requirements to enhance their satisfaction.
Adhering to the product specific statutory and regulatory requirements.
Adhering to chemical regulation by using only approved chemicals.
Maintaining commitment as per the Time & Action Calendar agreed upon with the customer.
Efficient raw material logistics.
Imbibing the spirit of marketing – right product at the right place, right time and at the right price.
Training all employees and educating them about the important role of quality work in achieving customer’s satisfaction, which ultimately translates in realization of company's objectives and well being of the employees.
Employing a powerful and effective communication system enabling a high level of connectivity with customers as well as suppliers.
Continual progress in product development, process streamlining and quality management system.

Not only do we ensure that we deliver quality products, but also we ensure that our products and processes are constantly innovated to reflect the changes happening around the world in our sector.

---------- Quality Assurance----------

A team of experienced and qualified quality controllers and Q.A. professionals supervise the production process right from yarn to shipment. Our in-house laboratory can carry out all the basic tests required. We have arrangement with accredited labs like ITS and SGS to take care of comprehensive quality tests through out production.


Greige fabric is tested for count, construction, strength, GSM etc. before further processing.
Processed Fabric is tested for the aforementioned tests as well as for colour-fastness and dimensional stability.
Every meter of fabric is checked for defects, if any, on the basis of 4-point system before issuing to the Cutting Department.
Production is mainly executed through assembly line and group system as per the requirement of the garment.
Garments: both inspection and testing are carried out on finished garment and every garment is physically inspected before dispatch.
In case of needle breakage, all broken parts are taped in the record file with Machine number and Tailor name

If broken parts are not found then that garment is quarantined.

With an experienced and proactive team of technically qualified managers, supervisors and quality controllers conversant with the requisite stringent inspection and quality levels, the production comes with assured quality as specified by our customers.

We are committed towards quality by SA 8000. We follow the rules and regulations in body as well as spirit. Our aim is to get the SA 8000 certification (issued for complying with the social accountability standard for demonstrating the commitment to follow ethical employment practices) by November’ 2017.
Since the inception, it has been our motto, to produce garments under lawful, humane & ethical conditions.

We are committed to:

Follow ethical employment practices by complying with all the objectives of applicable national and state laws and international instruments & their interpretations on labour employment in industry by, providing a clean, safe and healthy environment, not interfering with their freedom, paying minimum wages without any discrimination, adopting fair labour practices and implementing management systems for monitoring compliance to the requirements of SA 8000:2001 including educating the suppliers and sub-suppliers to meet the requirements of the standard.

We communicate and make this Policy accessible to Personnel at all levels and also make it publicly available.