About Us

PYOGINAM, a garment manufacturing company, was set up in 1992. We have four factories in Haryana with an approximate area of two hundred fifty thousand square feet and produce 900000 pieces per month with 2400 machines in-house. The company turnover is USD 20 million.

We have an online assembly system in which stitching, finishing (including washing) and packing is done on the same floor. This increases productivity and reduces the delivery time. A better product is given faster.


We produce woven and knit garments for women, men and children (girls and boys) using a large variety of fabrics, power loom and mill made, Indian and imported.

We also use BCI and organic cotton.


We have acquired a new production unit in a one acre plot to accommodate an additional 1,100 machines.

This will nearly double our existing production capacity to 700000 pieces per month. It will be functional by January 2018 for the orders of S/S ‘18.

The online system of production will also be adopted in our new factory.