Women's Product


Kid's Product


We produce woven and knit garments for women, men and children (girls and boys) using a large variety of fabrics, power loom and mill made, Indian and imported. We also use BCI and organic cotton.

Fabric is the major component of a garment and we have a good position in the fabric market. Our director has a long-standing and deep-rooted presence in the fabric market for well over three decades. It is this vital advantage which enables us to offer competitive prices and shorter lead times. At any given point of time, we have the latest range of fabrics, textures, prints and weaves to offer to our customers.


Our growth is largely attributed to the fact that we ensure that our products and processes are constantly innovated to reflect the changes happening in the fashion world. Our fabric library is continuously updated in our Product Development Cell with various fabric qualities in terms of weaves, structures, prints, washes, finishes etc.

Our product engineering department strives to make manufacturing processes simpler than before and also ensures a high level of quality in each garment. Its in-depth research covers minute details like needle type, thread type as per the structure of the fabric so as to avoid needle damage, structural jamming, and puckering. It also suggests the production method and line-balancing based on a time and motion study.

The Production team has designed ergonomically working chairs for all machine operators, which impart comfort and optimize utilization of floor space.

Our in-house support facilities include an in-house laboratory and CAD facility. The Electronic Global Data Exchange feature has substantially reduced the communication time required for exchange of pattern data during the sampling stages.

Our in-house laboratory will soon be ready for Intertek certification.

The workplace is designed with proper light, spaces and amenities for the workers.